Saturday, August 1, 2009

Midsummer Mystery - Random Trivia Questions

This week's hidden theme should reveal itself within a few answers, giving you a huge boost toward figuring out the rest of the questions. Good luck.

Midsummer Mystery Questions

  • Q1) What female soccer player surpassed Elisabetta Vignotto's record for the most career goals scored in international play?
  • Q2) What member of the San Francisco Board of Supervisors had been in office for less than a year when he was assassinated on November 27, 1978.
  • Q3) What Major League Baseball outfielder, who was the first pick of the 1980 draft, played for the Springfield nuclear power plant softball team on The Simpsons television show?
  • Q4) What former U.S. Secretary of State's first name comes from an Italian phrase meaning "with sweetness"?
  • Q5) What singer, nicknamed the Black Madonna, earned Grammy nominations for "Buffalo Stance" in 1990 and "7 Seconds" in 1994?
  • Q6) Who produced sixteen James Bond films, from Dr. No to Licence to Kill?
  • Q7) What former singing sensation starred in the 2001 movie On The Line, which was produced by his company Bacon & Eggs?
  • Q8) What former president of Harvard University's Hasty Pudding Club won Academy Awards for Best Supporting Actor for Mr. Roberts in 1955 and for Best Actor for Save the Tiger in 1973?
  • Q9) What actor debuted as Chip Diller in the 1978 movie Animal House and played Todd Adamson in the soap opera Search for Tomorrow in 1979?
  • Q10) What Israeli tennis player reached the 2008 Australian Open women's doubles final with Victoria Azarenka?
  • Q11) What actor had the number one pop hit "Don't Give Up on Us" in 1977?
  • Q12) Who was selected as the third pick of the 2008 NBA Draft by the Minnesota Timberwolves but almost immediately sent to the Memphis Grizzlies for fifth pick Kevin Love in an eight-player trade?

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