Saturday, March 6, 2010

Animal Adjectives - Random Trivia Questions

You're familiar with the adjectives "canine" for "dog-like", "feline" for "cat-like", "equine" for "horse-like", and "bovine" for "cow-like", but do you know what animals the following words are associated with?

Animal Adjectives Questions

  • Q1) Apian
  • Q2) Cetacean
  • Q3) Columbine
  • Q4) Leporine
  • Q5) Lupine
  • Q6) Murine
  • Q7) Ovine
  • Q8) Porcine
  • Q9) Pteropine
  • Q10) Ranine
  • Q11) Ursine
  • Q12) Vulpine

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