Saturday, March 31, 2007

Happy Birthday - Random Trivia Questions

Your birthday is a very special day. Only eighteen million other people share it (unless you were born on February 29, in which case you really are special since only 4.5 million people have your birthday). I have only one friend who shares my birthday (Happy Birthday, Seth!), which either means I don't have that many friends or I don't know their birthdays. One of our best friends and his wife (especially his wife) will likely have their first baby between the time I started writing this and the time I post the answers, and I'm rooting for a March 31st delivery because April Fools' Day is a really tough day for a kid to celebrate his or her birthday on (how many trick candles and gag gifts can a person stand?).

Of course, your mom remembers your actual birthday much better than you do, but celebrating the occasion every year is still a great idea, especially when you consider the alternative to having another birthday.

Happy Birthday Questions

  • Q1) What music groups "Birthday" song begins, "You say it's your birthday"?
  • Q2) What was the original song that became "Happy Birthday to You"?
  • Q3) Who added the current lyrics to the song in 1935?
  • Q4) Who currently owns the copyright to "Happy Birthday to You"?
  • Q5) Who celebrated his fiftieth birthday in July 1996 with a 27-million dollar party, including three concerts featuring Michael Jackson?
  • Q6) For what birthday number did Marilyn Monroe sing "Happy Birthday, Mr. President" to John F. Kennedy?
  • Q7) What television show's birthday song goes, "What day is today? It's ______'s birthday; What a day for a birthday; Let's all have some cake!"
  • Q8) In England, what is the youngest birthday on which you would receive a telegram from the Queen?
  • Q9) On which birthday do Jewish boys celebrate their Bar Mitzvah?
  • Q10) What is your golden birthday?
  • Q11) What is the most common month for birthdays in the U.S. (according to Hallmark)?
  • Q12) What is the most common birthday (month and day) in the U.S.?

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