Saturday, August 16, 2008

¿Que Es Esto? - Random Trivia Questions

The title of this quiz is just about all I remember from high school Spanish. On second thought, I learned "what is this?" from a Berlitz book I picked up even a few years before then, so pretty much all I got from four years of classes was an appreciation for Don Quixote (just kidding, Senora Joven!).

Fortunately for me, and maybe for you, the following dozen questions (doce preguntas) don't require any knowledge of the Spanish language. Instead, you need to identify the following twelve people, places, and things whose names end in "-que". See, I've spotted you three letters, so you're well on your way.

¿"-que" Es Esto? Questions

  • Q1) What X-Men character did Rebecca Romijn-Stamos portray in the 2003 movie X2?
  • Q2) What 17th and 18th century art movement's artists included Rembrandt, Carvaggio, Bernini, and Reubens?
  • Q3) What NHL player finally won his first Stanley Cup in 2001, over 21 years after turning pro?
  • Q4) What French song did Jeanine Deckers take to the top of the U.S. pop charts in 1963?
  • Q5) What roulette term refers to the group of numbers from 1 to 18?
  • Q6) What author's All Quiet on the Western Front drew upon his own war experiences?
  • Q7) At what city did Bugs Bunny always belatedly realize, "I knew I shoulda taken that left turn..."?
  • Q8) What Beethoven piece did Rowan Atkinson perform mime to in The Secret Policeman's Ball and the Trans-Siberian Orchestra rock to in their "Beethoven" medley?
  • Q9) What artist cofounded Cubism with Pablo Picasso?
  • Q10) What country was formerly known as Portuguese East Africa?
  • Q11) What ballet term means standing on one leg while extending the other leg straight back behind the body?
  • Q12) What female basketball player captured the Sullivan Award in 1998, the Naismith Award in both 1998 and 1999, and the WNBA Rookie of the Year Award in 1999?

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