Saturday, November 14, 2009

Multiple Choice Mystery - Random Trivia Questions

This week's theme is unlike any of the other random quizzes I've ever posted, so don't try too hard to figure out what connects these questions. Most likely, you'll either know it or realize it fairly quickly, or you'll never guess. You've been warned.

Multiple Choice Mystery Questions

  • Q1) Which of these dance names is used to describe a fashionable dot?
    A) HoraB) Swing
    C) LambadaD) Polka
  • Q2) In what "language" would you say "ello-hay" to greet your friends?
    A) Bull LatinB) Dog Latin
    C) Duck LatinD) Pig Latin
  • Q3) What part of a chicken is commonly called the "drumstick"?
    A) BreastB) Wing
    C) LegD) Gizzard
  • Q4) What is the only position on a football team that can be "sacked"?
    A) CenterB) Wide receiver
    C) Tight endD) Quarterback
  • Q5) What god of love is often depicted as a chubby winged infant with a bow and arrow?
    A) ZeusB) Mercury
    C) CupidD) Poseidon
  • Q6) What Steven Spielberg film climaxes at a place called Devil's Tower?
    A) E.T. The Extra-TerrestrialB) Jurassic Park
    C) Raiders of the Lost ArkD) Close Encounters of the Third Kind
  • Q7) In what U.S. town did the famous 1881 shoot-out at the O.K. Corral take place?
    A) LaramieB) Tombstone
    C) El PasoD) Dodge City
  • Q8) Which of the following months has no U.S. federal holiday?
    A) AugustB) February
    C) SeptemberD) November
  • Q9) What mythological beast is reborn from its own ashes?
    A) PhoenixB) Minotaur
    C) DragonD) Golem
  • Q10) Who developed the first effective vaccine against polio?
    A) Albert SabinB) Niels Bohr
    C) Louis PasteurD) Jonas Salk
  • Q11) Which of the following is not a monotheistic religion?
    A) IslamB) Judaism
    C) HinduismD) Christianity
  • Q12) What architect designed the glass pyramid in the courtyard of the Louvre?
    A) Philip JohnsonB) Le Corbusier
    C) Frank GehryD) I.M. Pei

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