Saturday, November 28, 2009

Trivia Train - Random Trivia Questions

This week's random quiz is only a mini mystery quiz, as you may be able to figure out what links the answers from the title. Certainly, once you've answered a few of the questions, you will have gained some big hints.

Trivia Train Questions

  • Q1) What singer from the band Take That was the only member not to pursue a solo career between the group's break up in 1999 and its reunion in 2005?
  • Q2) What drink did real estate broker Bill Hamlin concoct in 1929 in Los Angeles?
  • Q3) What Shakespeare character claimed, "Cowards die many times before their deaths; The valiant never taste of death but once"?
  • Q4) Who rode eighty miles on horseback through a thunderstorm to Philadelphia to join Thomas McKean against George Read?
  • Q5) What victim was famously videotaped by George Holliday?
  • Q6) What legendary character carried a sword named Excalibur?
  • Q7) What actor portrayed Dagwood Bumstead opposite actress Penny Singleton in 28 Blondie movies starting from 1938 to 1950?
  • Q8) What is the current name of the body of water known as Horican in the novel The Last of the Mohicans?
  • Q9) What name is shared by the first Boston Red Sox pitcher to throw a no-hitter at Fenway Park and the first Major League Baseball player to make two million dollars per year in salary?
  • Q10) What comedian, famous for portraying a lovable drunk, got his big break from singer Perry Como in 1969 and became a regular on The Dean Martin Show in the 1970s?
  • Q11) What future Hall of Famer did Doug DeCinces replace in the starting lineup in the second game of a doubleheader on June 6, 1976?
  • Q12) For what fictional character was Chile's Mas a Tierra renamed in 1966?

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