Saturday, December 26, 2009

12 Days of Christmas - Random Trivia Questions

The Twelve Days of Christmas do not lead up to Christmas but actually run from Christmas Day (December 25) through Twelfth Night (January 5), which is the day before Epiphany. The song "The Twelve Days of Christmas" was initially published in England in 1780, but probably dates even further back in France. Since you're probably all holidayed out by now, this week's quiz uses the gifts in the song only to launch questions completely unrelated to the holidays.

12 Days of Christmas Questions

  • Q1) What real life singing family was the basis for The Partridge Family television series?
  • Q2) In what country did Dove soap originate?
  • Q3) What was the first name of comedian Henny Youngman's wife?
  • Q4) With whom did Larry Bird share the two big sides of Wheaties boxes in 1993?
  • Q5) In The Lord of the Rings, into what volcano does the simple-looking gold ring known as the One Ring need to be tossed to be destroyed?
  • Q6) What was Major League Baseball pitcher Goose Gossage's given first name?
  • Q7) Who broke Lynn Swann's record for career receiving yards in Super Bowls?
  • Q8) In the Robin Hood stories, what was Maid Marian's last name, introduced by playwright Anthony Munday in the early 17th century?
  • Q9) What famous dancer first appeared on the big screen in the 1933 movie Dancing Lady, starring Joan Crawford and Clark Gable?
  • Q10) What Shakespeare character observed, "Lord, what fools these mortals be!"?
  • Q11) In what country does the Pied Piper live?
  • Q12) What is the smallest bone in the human body, which vibrates in reaction to the movement of the eardrum?

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