Sunday, December 6, 2009

Trivia Train 2 - Random Trivia Answers

  • A1) Walter Camp. The Father of American Football had also won at least one of the various national titles in three seasons as a player a decade earlier.
  • A2) Camp Rock. Kevin and Nick Jonas are the other members of the band but play minor roles in the movie.
  • A3) Rock Hudson. The Golden Globe World Film Favorite Male Actor in 1959, 1960, and 1963 was one of the first famous casualties of AIDS, passing away on October 2, 1985.
  • A4) Hudson River. The river's mouth was the original target destination of the Mayflower when it left England in September 1620.
  • A5) River Phoenix. His eight-year career was cut short when he overdosed at age 23 outside Johnny Depp's Viper Room in Los Angeles on Halloween in 1993.
  • A6) Phoenix Mercury. The team edged the Detroit Shock 3-2 in the 2007 Finals, becoming the first WNBA team to clinch a title on the road, and the Indiana Fever by the same score in 2009.
  • A7) Mercury Morris. The surviving members of his undefeated team celebrate annually when the last undefeated NFL team loses, but in 2007, the celebration had to wait until the New York Giants upset the heavily favored Patriots in the Super Bowl, barely saving the running back from eating his words.
  • A8) Morris the Cat. The orange tabby is best known as the spokesfeline of 9Lives cat food.
  • A9) Cat Stevens. The British musician, born in London on July 21, 1948 as Steven Demetre Georgiou, reached the Top 40 eleven times and the Top 10 thrice.
  • A10) Stevens Point. The University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point's radio station, WWSP-FM, asked over 11,000 players on 417 teams an average of eight trivia questions per hour for 54 straight hours during the 2009 contest.
  • A11) Point Guard. Cousy was a three-time All-American who took Holy Cross to the Final Four tournament from 1948 to 1950. Lieberman led Old Dominion to a Women's National Invitational Tournament title in 1978 and AIAW National Championships in 1979 and 1980.
  • A12) Guard Squeeze. In general, a squeeze play compels a player to discard a useful card because a single hand cannot cover suits in two hands.

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