Sunday, January 3, 2010

In Passing - Random Trivia Answers

  • A1) Ingemar Johansson. After the Swede TKOed Floyd Patterson in the third round, he would hold the crown for almost a year. Ignoring Francesco Damiani's meaningless 1989 WBO title (Mike Tyson remaining the consensus champ), the next white heavyweight champ was Vitali Klitschko, exactly forty years after Johansson.
  • A2) Walter Cronkite. The Missourian anchored the CBS Evening News from 1962 to 1981.
  • A3) Andrew Wyeth. Christina's World, painted in 1948, is currently on display at the Museum of Modern Art in New York City.
  • A4) Ricardo Montalban. Two years before busting out as Mr. Roarke on Fantasy Island, the Mexico City-born actor uttered the phrase that is still quoted and misquoted today.
  • A5) Karl Malden. The Chicago-born Indianan won the 1951 Academy Award for Best Supporting Actor for A Streetcar Named Desire and has a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.
  • A6) Ed McMahon. Johnny Carson's announcer appeared in ubiquitous television ads for the company, showing up at people's doorsteps with a giant check. The company settled one lawsuit for four million dollars, was bought out, and eventually went bankrupt in 1998.
  • A7) Michael Jackson. Diana Ross starred as Dorothy, while Nipsey Russell played the Tinman, Ted Ross the Cowardly Lion, and Richard Pryor the title character.
  • A8) Beatrice Arthur. The first Emmy was for the title role in Maude while the second was for The Golden Girls.
  • A9) John Hughes. The former National Lampoon Magazine contributor also wrote and produced Pretty in Pink but never earned a single Oscar nomination in any category.
  • A10) Farrah Fawcett. TV Guide advertised the Farrah Faucet to cash in on the Charlie's Angels star's fame and name.
  • A11) Ted Kennedy. The Massachusetts Democrat was able to shake off the incident, getting elected to the U.S. Senate nine times after initially replacing his brother John, and serving in the U.S. Senate for 46 years, the fourth longest tenure ever.
  • A12) Chuck Daly. The two-time NBA champion coach benefited from a new rule allowing professionals to play. Even most of the bench was later named to the 50 Greatest Players in NBA History list.

A moment of silence as well for actor David Carradine, actor Dom DeLuise, baseball player Dom DiMaggio, author Philip Jose Farmer, baseball player Mark Fidrych, radio broadcaster Paul Harvey, actress Connie Hines, scholastic test preparer Stanley Kaplan, tennis player Jack Kramer, football player Steve McNair, actress Brittany Murphy, sports reporter George Michael, savant Kim Peek (inspiration for Rain Man), televangelist Oral Roberts, writer William Safire, activist Eunice Kennedy Shriver, actor Patrick Swayze, basketball player Wayman Tisdale, singer Mary Travers, author John Updike, and basketball coach Kay Yow, among others.

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