Sunday, January 17, 2010

Pixar Petites - Random Trivia Answers

  • A1) Toy Story. A strange-looking creature named Andre is bothered by a bee.
  • A2) The Incredibles. A jackalope cheers up a lamb who is saddened by having his wool shorn.
  • A3) Monsters, Inc.. A flock of small birds on a telephone wire mock a large bird that joins them.
  • A4) A Bug's Life. Senior citizen Geri plays chess against himself.
  • A5) The Incredibles. Babysitter Kari tries to keep Jack-Jack from hurting himself.
  • A6) Finding Nemo. A snowman wants to get out of his snowglobe to join the fun.
  • A7) Ratatouille. An alien has difficulty teleporting a human into his UFO.
  • A8) Toy Story 2. The child of the Pixar lamp plays with a ball.
  • A9) Cars. Young Tippy decides whether to toss a coin into a fountain or give it to one of two musicians.
  • A10) WALL-E. A magician duels with his rabbit to the audience's delight.
  • A11) Toy Story. A toy soldier tries to get away from a drooling baby.
  • A12) Ratatouille. Remy and his brother Emile give a long history lesson about rats and humans.

Other shorts include Burn-E (WALL-E), Mike's New Car (Monsters Inc.), and Red's Dream (the only Pixar short not associated with a movie).

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