Saturday, January 16, 2010

Pixar Petites - Random Trivia Questions

If you've seen any Pixar movie in the theater or on DVD, you've probably seen the short films that they air beforehand. This week's quiz gives you the name of a dozen shorts, and you need to name the movie they were bundled with. Are you Pixar-perfect?

Pixar Petites Questions

  • Q1) Adventures Of Andre And Wally B.
  • Q2) Boundin'
  • Q3) For the Birds
  • Q4) Geri's Game
  • Q5) Jack-Jack Attack
  • Q6) Knick Knack
  • Q7) Lifted
  • Q8) Luxo Jr.
  • Q9) One Man Band
  • Q10) Presto
  • Q11) Tin Toy
  • Q12) Your Friend the Rat

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