Saturday, October 24, 2009

Alliterative Actresses and Artists (Musical)

My name doesn't alliterate, but it would have if my parents (or rather, the INS) had used a different translation for our last name. My sister's name alliterated before she got married, while my wife's has since we got married. So I know a thing or two about the topic. How about you? From their given first initials and last names, can you identify the following dozen actresses and singers, who gained alliteration (with one exception because she already had it) when they got married or took a stage name?

Alliterative Actresses and Artists (Musical) Questions

  • Q1) A. Bullock (singer)
  • Q2) G. Fowles (singer)
  • Q3) G. Gustafsson (actress)
  • Q4) V. Jones (actress)
  • Q5) D. von Kappelhoff (actress)
  • Q6) B. Klein (actress)
  • Q7) J. Larkin (singer)
  • Q8) S. Mahoney (actress)
  • Q9) S. Miller (actress)
  • Q10) N. Mortenson (actress)
  • Q11) P. Neal (actress)
  • Q12) S. Tomalin (actress)

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