Saturday, October 17, 2009

Presidential Pretenders - Random Trivia Questions

As we are midway between 2009's Presidents Day and 2010's, this week's random quiz is not about U.S. Presidents. None of the following people have ever been U.S. President or even played one in a movie, but they do all share a last name with one of our 44 Chief Executive Officers. How many can you name?

Presidential Pretenders Questions

  • Q1) What television actress, born as Bernice Frankel, was famous for playing characters whose last names were Findlay and Zbornak?
  • Q2) What author's 1966 sci-fi novel Make Room! Make Room! inspired the movie Soylent Green?
  • Q3) What NBA player, who went on to play exactly 50,000 minutes in his career, was the last rookie to lead the league in scoring?
  • Q4) Whom did Elton John's original version of "Candle in the Wind" honor?
  • Q5) What Canadian-born woman won the 1995 Australian Open tennis tournament?
  • Q6) Which of the Spice Girls married soccer player David Beckham on July 4, 1999?
  • Q7) What comedian was famous for his catchphrase "The devil made me do it!"?
  • Q8) What American actor appeared in the most major movies in the 1990s?
  • Q9) What singer, born as Gaynor Hopkins, had a number one pop hit in 1983?
  • Q10) Who founded the National Negro Business League and named his autobiography Up From Slavery?
  • Q11) Who was the first coach to win both an NCAA football championship and a Super Bowl?
  • Q12) What star movie actress claimed, "Some of my best leading men have been dogs and horses"?

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