Saturday, October 3, 2009

Major Moons - Random Trivia Questions

Now that Pluto has been demoted to dwarf planet status, our solar system contains eight planets with 167 known moons orbiting them. This week's random quiz tests your knowledge of those natural satellites.

Major Moons Questions

  • Q1) Which planet has the most moons orbiting it?
  • Q2) What is the largest moon relative to its planet's diameter?
  • Q3) What is the second largest?
  • Q4) After the Earth's moon and the four Galilean moons, what was the next moon to be discovered?
  • Q5) What was the next moon after that?
  • Q6) What was the first moon discovered with the aid of a spacecraft*?
  • Q7) Which of the six planets with moons was thought to be moonless until the most recently?
  • Q8) What moon takes the longest time to orbit its planet*?
  • Q9) What moon has the smallest orbit around its planet*?
  • Q10) What is the heaviest moon?
  • Q11) What moon has the highest surface gravity?
  • Q12) Of W, X, Y, and Z, which is the only letter that starts the name of a moon?
* Very hard question, so take the point just for naming the planet plus a bonus point for the moon.

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