Saturday, October 10, 2009

Wayne's World - Random Trivia Questions

With the NHL season upon us, our thoughts have turned to the ice (at least until basketball season starts ;-). If you're ever faced with an ice hockey trivia question to which you don't know the answer, just guess "Wayne Gretzky". The Great One set so many records that they kept track of his record for how many records he had (61, including some ties, right now). But that trick won't work here. This week, the question is who would hold these records if #99 were disqualified for being a superhero or an alien life form? [Unhelpful hint: only one person is the answer to two questions below.]

Wayne's World Questions

  • Q1) Career Record: Regular Season Points and Goals
  • Q2) Career Record: Regular Season Assists
  • Q3) Career Record: Regular Season Overtime Assists
  • Q4) Career Record: Seasons with 40 or More Goals
  • Q5) Career Record: Consecutive Seasons with 40 or More Goals
  • Q6) Career Record: Playoff Points, Goals, and Assists
  • Q7) Career Record: Playoff Game-Winning Goals
  • Q8) Season Record: Points and Assists
  • Q9) Season Record: Goals
  • Q10) Season Record: Consecutive Regular Season Games with an Assist
  • Q11) Season Record: Playoffs Points and Assists
  • Q12) Game Record: Assists by a Rookie

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