Saturday, September 19, 2009

Funny Pages Families - Random Trivia Questions

Even my younger son is now old enough to read the newspaper, and he's starting where most of us did, the funny pages. As my whole family competes to grab the comics, can you furnish the last names of the foremost families featured in the following funnies?

Funny Pages Families Questions

  • Q1) Adam@home
  • Q2) Arlo and Janis
  • Q3) Baby Blues
  • Q4) Curtis
  • Q5) For Better or For Worse
  • Q6) Heart of the City
  • Q7) Hi and Lois
  • Q8) Li'l Abner
  • Q9) 9 Chickweed Lane
  • Q10) The Pajama Diaries
  • Q11) Rose Is Rose
  • Q12) Zits

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