Sunday, September 20, 2009

Funny Pages Families - Random Trivia Answers

  • A1) Newman. Adam tries to work from home while his wife Laura works at a bookstore, and their children Clayton, Katy, and Nick do their best to make sure he doesn't get anything done.
  • A2) Day. Jimmy Johnson hadn't given the strip a name yet when his syndicate suggested "Day by Day". He kept the last name even after the title was changed to avoid a conflict with a newspaper column.
  • A3) MacPherson. Mom Wanda goes by the hyphenated last name Wizowski-MacPherson, but dad Darryl and the kids Zoe, Hamish, and Wren are all MacPhersons.
  • A4) Wilkins. Curtis and his younger brother Barry are the focus of the comic strip, but their parents Greg and Diane also play major roles.
  • A5) Patterson. Lynn Johnston is now retelling the story of Elly, John, Michael, Elizabeth, and April Pattersons' lives, having completed one life-cycle from 1979 to 2008.
  • A6) Lamarr. Heart lives with her single mom Addy and spends most of her free time playing with her friend Dean.
  • A7) Flagston. Hiram and Lois have lived in suburbia with their oldest son Chip, twins Dot and Ditto, and baby Trixie since 1954.
  • A8) Yokum. 19-year-old Li'l Abner married his long-time fiancee Daisy Mae Scragg almost midway through the strip's 43-year run.
  • A9) Burber. Brooke McEldowney has followed Juliette Burber, her daughter Edda, and her mother Gran (Edna O'Malley) since 1993.
  • A10) Kaplan. Mom Jill is the star, but husband Rob and daughters Amy and Jess also share the frames in Ohio.
  • A11) Gumbo. Mom Rose, dad Jimbo, and son Pasquale share their home with their pet cat Peekaboo.
  • A12) Duncan. Teenager Jeremy is the star of the show, but his mom Connie and dad Walt also play large roles when he isn't hanging out with his friends.

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