Saturday, September 12, 2009

U.S. Constitution - Random Trivia Questions

September 17, this Thursday, is celebrated as Constitution Day in the U.S., with this year marking the 322nd anniversary of the completion of the document that created the current government as we know it. The day has officially been called Constitution Day and Citizenship Day since 2004 but is not an off-day for government workers despite floating to the nearest Friday or Monday when it falls on a weekend.

U.S. Constitution Questions

  • Q1) What document served as the charter for the United States of America for over seven years after its ratification on March 1, 1781?
  • Q2) What state did not send a delegate to the Philadelphia Convention that created the Constitution?
  • Q3) How many future U.S. Presidents attended the Philadelphia Convention?
  • Q4) Who is known as the Father of the Constitution?
  • Q5) Who proposed the British Plan?
  • Q6) Who proposed the New Jersey Plan?
  • Q7) What compromise did James Wilson suggest regarding slaves?
  • Q8) How many people signed the Constitution (within ten)?
  • Q9) What was the last of the original thirteen colonies to ratify the Constitution?
  • Q10) How many amendments have been made to the Constitution?
  • Q11) In what century were the most amendments ratified?
  • Q12) What space shuttle was originally going to named the Constitution?

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