Saturday, September 26, 2009

U.S. National Parks - Random Trivia Questions

The United States has 56 national parks, but only nine are east of the Mississippi River, so it's only a little sad that I've visited just three of them. Hopefully, once the kids get older, we can start working on the list and explore some of the most amazing places in our country.

U.S. National Parks Questions

  • Q1) What national park is spread across the most states?
  • Q2) What is the only national park in New England?
  • Q3) After Alaska and Hawaii, with eight each, what state has the third most national parks?
  • Q4) What two national parks are closest to each other?
  • Q5) What is the largest (area) U.S. state that does not have a national park?
  • Q6) What is the smallest national park?
  • Q7) What is the largest national park outside of Alaska?
  • Q8) What is the newest national park?
  • Q9) What national park takes up the largest percentage of its state's area?
  • Q10) What state's national parks make up the highest percentage of its area?
  • Q11) What national park reaches the highest elevation?
  • Q12) How many national parks border a foreign country?

[P.S. - I wrote this quiz not knowing that Ken Burns's The National Parks: America's Best Idea six-episode series runs on PBS from Sunday through Friday (two hours per day; check your local listings). How's that for timing?]

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