Sunday, September 27, 2009

U.S. National Parks - Random Trivia Answers

  • A1) Yellowstone. The 3,470-square mile park covers parts of Idaho, Montana, and Wyoming. Great Smoky Mountains National Park is almost evenly split between Tennessee and North Carolina, while Death Valley is mostly in California but also covers a part of Nevada.
  • A2) Acadia. Located by the southeast coast of Maine, this is the only park close to us. It rained the only time we visited, so a return trip is in order.
  • A3) Utah (5). Arches, Bryce Canyon, Canyonlands, Capitol Reef, and Zion cut a diagonal line across the southeastern corner of the southwestern state. Colorado is next with four, while Arizona, Florida, and Washington each have three.
  • A4) Sequoia and Kings Canyon. The two California national parks are adjacent in the Sierra Nevada.
  • A5) Kansas. The 15th-largest state at 82,277 square miles, edges out Nebraska at 77,354 square miles. All totaled, 27 states have national parks and 23 do not.
  • A6) Hot Springs. The Arkansas park measures only 9 square miles, less than a third as big as South Carolina's Congaree, the second smallest.
  • A7) Death Valley. Covering 5,219 square miles in California and Nevada, the desert region includes the lowest elevation in the U.S. at Badwater, 282 feet below sea level. Five Alaska national parks are larger, and Glacier Bay is just slightly smaller.
  • A8) Great Sand Dunes. The Colorado attraction was granted its national status on September 13, 2004. The dunes, which can reach 750 feet high, are held together like most sand castles, with a lot of water.
  • A9) Hawaii Volcanoes. The volcanoes form over 4.6% of the island state. Hawaii also has Haleakala National Park, making it not only the smallest state with a national park but the smallest with two.
  • A10) Alaska. Although Alaska is the largest state by far, it also has the largest national parks, which total over 9.6% of its area (bigger than West Virginia, the 41st largest state). California is a distant second at under 6%, while Hawaii is third at just over 5%.
  • A11) Denali. Denali is another name for Mt. McKinley, which is the highest point in the U.S. at 20,320 feet.
  • A12) 6. Texas's Big Bend National Park straddles the Rio Grande across from the Mexican states of Chihuahua and Coahuila. Montana's Glacier National Park touches both Alberta and British Columbia. Both Michigan's Isle Royale National Park and Minnesota's Voyageurs National Park connect to Ontario. Washington's North Cascades National Park borders British Columbia. And Alaska's Wrangell-St. Elias National Park adjoins the Yukon Territory.

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