Wednesday, April 22, 2009

General Trivia Answers #3,595-3,600

Answer 3,595: Entertainment & Food -- Milk Myth

c) Pink

It is a creamy color. A female yak is called a nak or a dri.

Answer 3,596: History & Government -- Unpopular President

c) John Quincy Adams

Only 29.8% of the voters selected him in 1824, but the House of Representatives chose him over Andrew Jackson.

Answer 3,597: Math & Science -- Sunrise, Sunset

b) Dust in the air

The air is dustier in the evening than the morning.

Answer 3,598: Geography & Nature -- Smallest Statement

b) "Hope"

South Carolina's related motto is the Latin Dum spiro, spero, meaning "While I breathe, I hope".

Answer 3,599: Literature & Arts -- Hypocrite Houseguest

b) Moliere

The writer, director, and actor was born as Jean-Baptiste Poquelin on January 15, 1622.

Answer 3,600: Sports & Games -- Pinball's Progress

c) Nudgy

Bally released the game in October 1947. Flippers were originally called nudge levers.

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