Sunday, April 26, 2009

General Trivia Questions #3,613-3,618

Question 3,613: Entertainment & Food -- VHF Vicinity

What VHF television channel is closest to the FM radio band?

a) 2
b) 4
c) 6
d) 8

Question 3,614: History & Government -- All the Refuse That's Fit to Print

Which U.S. Vice President charged, "Some newspapers dispose of their garbage by printing it"?

a) Hubert Humphrey
b) Nelson Rockefeller
c) Richard Nixon
d) Spiro Agnew

Question 3,615: Math & Science -- Aqua Regia Acids

What acids are combined to make aqua regia?

a) Hydrochloric and nitric acids
b) Hydrochloric and sulfuric acids
c) Nitric and sulfuric acids
d) Hydrochloric, nitric & sulfuric acids

Question 3,616: Geography & Nature -- Copper Combination Coin

Besides copper, what was the other main element in the British ten-pence coin in 2002?

a) Manganese
b) Nickel
c) Tin
d) Zinc

Question 3,617: Literature & Arts -- Rag Road

Which London street is synonymous with English journalism and the newspaper industry?

a) Bond Street
b) Broad Street
c) Fleet Street
d) Oxford Street

Question 3,618: Sports & Games -- Kentucky Cutoff

What is the maximum number of horses that can race in a Kentucky Derby?

a) 12
b) 16
c) 20
d) 24

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