Monday, April 27, 2009

General Trivia Answers #3,613-3,618

Answer 3,613: Entertainment & Food -- VHF Vicinity

c) 6

Some televisions can be fine-tuned to hear radio broadcasts there. The BBC referred to FM as VHF radio for many years.

Answer 3,614: History & Government -- All the Refuse That's Fit to Print

d) Spiro Agnew

The Greek-American shortened his last name from Anagnostopoulos.

Answer 3,615: Math & Science -- Aqua Regia Acids

a) Hydrochloric and nitric acids

The acid, named for its ability to dissolve gold, usually consists of one part nitric acid to three parts hydrochloric acid.

Answer 3,616: Geography & Nature -- Copper Combination Coin

b) Nickel

The five-pence, twenty-pence, and fifty-pence coins are also copper and nickel.

Answer 3,617: Literature & Arts -- Rag Road

c) Fleet Street

The major news publishers have mostly left for the Docklands, including Reuters in 2003.

Answer 3,618: Sports & Games -- Kentucky Cutoff

c) 20

The Run for the Roses takes place on the first Saturday each May.

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