Tuesday, April 21, 2009

General Trivia Questions #3,595-3,600

Question 3,595: Entertainment & Food -- Milk Myth

According to a popular myth, what color is yak's milk?

a) Blue
b) Green
c) Pink
d) Yellow

Question 3,596: History & Government -- Unpopular President

Which U.S. President won the lowest percent of the popular vote?

a) Abraham Lincoln
b) Bill Clinton
c) John Quincy Adams
d) Woodrow Wilson

Question 3,597: Math & Science -- Sunrise, Sunset

Why does the setting sun appear redder than the rising sun?

a) The direction the Earth rotates
b) Dust in the air
c) An optical illusion
d) Temperature difference

Question 3,598: Geography & Nature -- Smallest Statement

What is Rhode Island's single-word state motto?

a) "Faith"
b) "Hope"
c) "Peace"
d) "Prosperity"

Question 3,599: Literature & Arts -- Hypocrite Houseguest

What French playwright wrote Tartuffe in 1660?

a) Frederic Mistral
b) Moliere
c) Rene Prudhomme
d) Romain Rolland

Question 3,600: Sports & Games -- Pinball's Progress

What was the first pinball game that used flippers?

a) Flicker
b) Flip Flop
c) Nudgy
d) Progress

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