Monday, April 27, 2009

General Trivia Questions #3,619-3,624

Question 3,619: Entertainment & Food -- Clown Frown

Who was Marcel Marceau's sad-faced clown?

a) Bip
b) Dip
c) Pip
d) Zip

Question 3,620: History & Government -- Academy Address

In which state is the U.S. Coast Guard Academy located?

a) Connecticut
b) Maryland
c) New York
d) Virginia

Question 3,621: Math & Science -- Diamond Diaphaneity

What is the best grade of diamond clarity?

a) FL
b) IF
c) VS1
d) VVS1

Question 3,622: Geography & Nature -- Marsh Metropolis

What is the capital of Belgium?

a) Antwerp
b) Brussels
c) Ghent
d) Liege

Question 3,623: Literature & Arts -- Mockingbird Moral

What is the major moral of Harper Lee's To Kill a Mockingbird?

a) Don't make fun of others
b) No crime goes unpunished
c) Things aren't what they seem
d) Waste not, want not

Question 3,624: Sports & Games -- Scheduled Skating Time

How long is the playing time of a regulation NHL hockey game?

a) 36 minutes
b) 48 minutes
c) 60 minutes
d) 90 minutes

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