Saturday, April 18, 2009

Largest U.S. Lakes - Random Trivia Questions

Every geography or trivia buff knows the Great Lakes. They are easily the top five U.S. lakes by area: Superior (#1), Huron (#2), Michigan (#3), Erie (#4), and Ontario (#5). But what do you know about the next tier of U.S. lakes? Can you identify which state each of the following lakes are in? They're all in the top twenty in size, with the smallest measuring a healthy 345 square miles.

Largest U.S. Lakes Questions

  • Q1) Becharof Lake
  • Q2) Lake Champlain (two states)
  • Q3) Great Salt Lake
  • Q4) Iliamna Lake
  • Q5) Lake Okeechobee
  • Q6) Lake Pontchartrain
  • Q7) Rainy Lake
  • Q8) Red Lake
  • Q9) Salton Sea
  • Q10) Selawik Lake
  • Q11) Lake St. Clair
  • Q12) Lake of the Woods

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