Monday, April 20, 2009

General Trivia Questions #3,589-3,594

Question 3,589: Entertainment & Food -- Delighting in Writing

In 1777, what composer remarked, "Writing music is my one and only passion and joy"?

a) Franz Josef Haydn
b) Johann Sebastian Bach
c) Ludwig van Beethoven
d) Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

Question 3,590: History & Government -- Professor Instead of President

At what university did Al Gore obtain a job after his failed Presidency bid in 2000?

a) Columbia
b) Harvard
c) Princeton
d) Yale

Question 3,591: Math & Science -- Oil Bi-Octo Ounces

Approximately how much does a barrel of crude oil weigh?

a) 96 pounds
b) 166 pounds
c) 236 pounds
d) 306 pounds

Question 3,592: Geography & Nature -- Territory Share a Story

What city was once an Indian territory known as Fort Dearborn?

a) Chicago, Illinois
b) Columbus, Ohio
c) Detroit, Michigan
d) Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Question 3,593: Literature & Arts -- Ghost Writing

Which is the only Shakespeare play below that does not feature a ghost?

a) Hamlet
b) Julius Caesar
c) King Lear
d) Macbeth

Question 3,594: Sports & Games -- Tessenjutsu Technique

What weapon is used in the deadly Japanese martial art tessenjutsu?

a) Cards
b) Fans
c) Hands
d) Umbrellas

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