Thursday, April 23, 2009

General Trivia Questions #3,607-3,612

Question 3,607: Entertainment & Food -- Buck Bonham

What country singer starred as country singer Buck Bonham in Honeysuckle Rose in 1980?

a) George Strait
b) Kenny Rogers
c) Tim McGraw
d) Willie Nelson

Question 3,608: History & Government -- Minimal Month

How many days are missing from the month of September 1752 because of a change in calendar systems?

a) 1
b) 6
c) 11
d) 16

Question 3,609: Math & Science -- Pain Container

Which pain reliever below does not contain ibuprofen?

a) Advil
b) Motrin
c) Nuprin
d) Tylenol

Question 3,610: Geography & Nature -- Swiss Confederation Capital

What is the current capital of Switzerland?

a) Basel
b) Bern
c) Geneva
d) Zurich

Question 3,611: Literature & Arts -- Poet Peers

What type of poets were George Herbert and John Donne?

a) Confessional Poets
b) Fugitive Poets
c) Metaphysical Poets
d) Transcendental Poets

Question 3,612: Sports & Games -- Mancala Markers

How many stones are needed to play Mancala?

a) 24
b) 48
c) 72
d) 96

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