Thursday, April 23, 2009

General Trivia Answers #3,601-3,606

Answer 3,601: Entertainment & Food -- Sun City Song

a) Apartheid

The Artists United Against Apartheid sang, "I ain't gonna play Sun City... Twenty-three million can't vote because they're black."

Answer 3,602: History & Government -- Satellite Wish

d) Richard Nixon

His July 20, 1969 radio message to the Apollo astronauts included the line.

Answer 3,603: Math & Science -- What Tombaugh Saw

c) Pluto

Studying photographic plates at the Lowell Observatory in Arizona, the astronomer found his "Planet X" that he believed was disturbing Neptune's orbit.

Answer 3,604: Geography & Nature -- Commonwealth Capital

b) Canberra

The location of the new city had been selected in 1908 to replace Melbourne.

Answer 3,605: Literature & Arts -- 2001 Target

a) Jupiter

The mysterious monolith that sparks the journey, however, was found on the moon. The first novel used Saturn, but director Stanley Kubrick disliked the models they had of the ringed planet.

Answer 3,606: Sports & Games -- Golden Girl

b) Florence Griffith Joyner

Joyner-Kersee's sister-in-law won the 100 meters and 200 meters and earned a team gold in the 4x100-meter relay and a team silver in the 4x400-meter relay.

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