Friday, February 2, 2007

General Trivia Answers #145-150

Answer 145: Entertainment & Food -- Swinging, Swaying, Records Playing

b) Mick Jagger

Martha and the Vandellas originally performed the song in 1964.

Answer 146: History & Government -- Asios?

d) Rupee

Pakistan, Sri Lanka, and Nepal also use currencies with the same name.

Answer 147: Math & Science -- Ancient Metal

b) Gold

The soft metal has been known since prehistoric times and was mentioned as far back as Egyptian hieroglyphics in 2600 B.C.

Answer 148: Geography & Nature -- Oui See

d) Paris

The city may have received the nickname because it was the first in France to get electricity, but other theories have been proposed.

Answer 149: Literature & Arts -- Mutiny Scrutiny

b) Herman Wouk

Humphrey Bogart starred as Lieutenant Commander Philip Francis Queeg in the movie version two years later.

Answer 150: Sports & Games -- K's Craze

c) 20

Roger Clemens accomplished the feat twice, and Kerry Wood matched his mark once. Thomas Cheney struck out 21 batters in a 16-inning game on September 12, 1962.

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