Wednesday, February 21, 2007

General Trivia Questions #229-234

Question 229: Entertainment & Food -- Daytime Demi

In which soap opera did Demi Moore once have a role?

a) All My Children
b) General Hospital
c) The Guiding Light
d) The Young and the Restless

Question 230: History & Government -- Snow Blow

Which former Canadian prime minister's 23-year-old son Michel died in an avalanche while skiing in November 1988?

a) Charles Joseph Clark
b) John Turner
c) Lester B. Pearson
d) Pierre Elliott Trudeau

Question 231: Math & Science -- Measure for Measure

What mathematician wrote Measurement of the Circle and proved that the volume of a sphere is two-thirds of the circumscribed cylinder?

a) Archimedes
b) Euclid
c) Leonardo Fibonacci
d) Pythagoras

Question 232: Geography & Nature -- From Sea to Sea

What body of water is located between the Adriatic and Mediterranean Seas?

a) Aegean Sea
b) Black Sea
c) Ionian Sea
d) Tyrrhenian Sea

Question 233: Literature & Arts -- Petite Play

What was Shakespeare's shortest play?

a) The Comedy of Errors
b) Macbeth
c) A Midsummer Night's Dream
d) The Tempest

Question 234: Sports & Games -- Double Back

Which NFL running back had the most career receiving yards?

a) Larry Centers
b) Marshall Faulk
c) Ronnie Harmon
d) Walter Payton

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