Wednesday, February 14, 2007

General Trivia Questions #199-204

Question 199: Entertainment & Food -- This Could Be Yummy

When Frank Hickingbottom founded TCBY in 1981, what did the 'C' stand for?

a) Can't
b) Country's
c) Cows'
d) Creamy

Question 200: History & Government -- Perhaps a Parliament

What country's version of the U.S. House of Representatives is called the Knesset?

a) Australia
b) Israel
c) Netherlands
d) Russia

Question 201: Math & Science -- SAT Logic

What is related to a circle in the same way that a diagonal is related to a polygon?

a) Chord
b) Circumference
c) Radius
d) Tangent

Question 202: Geography & Nature -- Cheese Capital

What is the capital of Wisconsin?

a) Green Bay
b) Madison
c) Milwaukee
d) Racine

Question 203: Literature & Arts -- Playboy

Who was Polonius's son and Ophelia's brother in Hamlet?

a) Claudius
b) Horatio
c) Laertes
d) Lucianus

Question 204: Sports & Games -- Water Hazard

What golfer is known as the Shark?

a) Greg Norman
b) Nick Price
c) Sergio Garcia
d) Seve Ballesteros

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