Wednesday, February 7, 2007

General Trivia Answers #163-168

Answer 163: Entertainment & Food -- Not 1999

b) 7

Appropriately, the single peaked at #7 on the pop charts.

Answer 164: History & Government -- Carpenter's Currency

b) $10 bill

A sawbuck consists of two pairs of X-shaped pieces of wood, and the Roman numeral for ten appeared on $10 bills until the latest redesign.

Answer 165: Math & Science -- Solitary Satellite

a) Charon

On June 22, 1978, American astronomer James Christy discovered it, later naming the satellite for the mythological ferryman but pronouncing it with a "sh" sound for his wife Charlene.

Answer 166: Geography & Nature -- A River Runs Through It

a) Danube River

It is the only major European river that flows from west to east.

Answer 167: Literature & Arts -- Willie's Women

d) Lucrece

"The Rape of Lucrece" is a tragic poem.

Answer 168: Sports & Games -- Walking Man

b) Barry Bonds

In 2004, the son of Bobby Bonds passed Henderson, who had supplanted Ruth just three years earlier.

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