Tuesday, February 27, 2007

General Trivia Answers #247-252

Answer 247: Entertainment & Food -- Kapow!

d) Riddler

Frank Gorshin played the puzzling criminal in the January 12, 1966 episode.

Answer 248: History & Government -- Inebriation Day

a) Andrew Johnson

The soon-to-be President was suffering from typhoid fever and had imbibed some whiskey to fortify himself during the April 15, 1865 ceremony.

Answer 249: Math & Science -- New Belt

c) Pioneer 3

The original plan was to go past the moon and into orbit around the Sun, but its propellant ran out too soon.

Answer 250: Geography & Nature -- Don't Touch

c) South Carolina

Tennessee also touches Alabama, Georgia, Kentucky, North Carolina, and Missouri, the last of which also borders eight other states.

Answer 251: Literature & Arts -- Epic-center

a) Bloom

The Bloomsday holiday has been celebrated every June 16th since 1954 in Ireland, where James Joyce was born, and more recently in other countries.

Answer 252: Sports & Games -- Medal Collector

a) Felix Trinidad

The Puerto Rican boxer has held the International Boxing Federation and World Boxing Council belts.

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