Wednesday, February 7, 2007

General Trivia Questions #169-174

Question 169: Entertainment & Food -- I Am Stuck on a Band-Aid

Which WKRP in Cincinnati character wore a Band-Aid somewhere on his body in every show for four seasons?

a) Andy Travis
b) Arthur Carlson
c) Herb Tarlek
d) Les Nessman

Question 170: History & Government -- Alma Mater

What was the first U.S. college to confer degrees on women?

a) Oberlin
b) Radcliffe
c) Smith
d) Vassar

Question 171: Math & Science -- Passing Gas Giant

What U.S. space probe approached within 77,000 miles of Saturn on November 12, 1980?

a) Galileo
b) Mariner 9
c) Viking 2
d) Voyager 1

Question 172: Geography & Nature -- Struggling Species

Which U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service category lists the most endangered species?

a) Birds
b) Flowering plants
c) Mammals
d) Reptiles

Question 173: Literature & Arts -- The Write Stuffing

What English author wrote Winnie-the-Pooh, which was first published in 1926?

a) A.A. Milne
b) Beatrix Potter
c) E.B. White
d) Rudyard Kipling

Question 174: Sports & Games -- Old School

From what university did NBA stars John Havlicek and Jerry Lucas both graduate?

a) Ball State
b) Northwestern
c) Ohio State
d) Penn State

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