Tuesday, February 6, 2007

General Trivia Answers #157-162

Answer 157: Entertainment & Food -- Refresh My Memory

a) 525

HDTV requires either 720 or 1,080 lines.

Answer 158: History & Government -- Productivity Paradise

b) Luxembourg

At $55,100, the tiny European country was number one by far, $17,300 above the second place U.S.

Answer 159: Math & Science -- Somewhere Out There

a) Black hole

The Manhattan Project scientist conceived the phrase, which replaced "black stars", shortly after pulsars were discovered.

Answer 160: Geography & Nature -- High Honor

a) George

Andrew Waugh honored his predecessor for his skills and techniques, bestowing his name on Peak XV in 1865.

Answer 161: Literature & Arts -- Woolf

d) Matthew

Chapter 7, verse 15 warns of false prophets.

Answer 162: Sports & Games -- Presidential Pitch

c) William Taft

Big Bill tossed the ball to Washington Senators pitcher Walter Johnson on Opening Day in 1910.

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