Sunday, February 18, 2007

General Trivia Questions #211-216

Question 211: Entertainment & Food -- Drifting to the Top

What song did the Drifters hit the top of the Billboard charts with?

a) "On Broadway"
b) "Save the Last Dance for Me"
c) "Under the Boardwalk"
d) "Up on the Roof"

Question 212: History & Government -- I've Got a Secret

What password did the U.S. troops use during the D-Day invasion?

a) "Babe Ruth"
b) "Bugs Bunny"
c) "Henry Ford"
d) "Mickey Mouse"

Question 213: Math & Science -- Night Light

What is the brightest star in both the constellation Vega and the Summer Triangle?

a) Altair
b) Deneb
c) Mira
d) Vega

Question 214: Geography & Nature -- Phat or Fat Flatfish?

What is the largest species of flatfish?

a) Flounder
b) Halibut
c) Sole
d) Turbot

Question 215: Literature & Arts -- Peanuts and Cracker Jacks

Which position does Lucy usually play on Charlie Brown's Peanuts baseball team?

a) Catcher
b) Right field
c) Second base
d) Third base

Question 216: Sports & Games -- Tennis Two-Timer

Who is the only female tennis player to win both U.S. Open junior singles and U.S. Open singles titles?

a) Lindsay Davenport
b) Martina Hingis
c) Monica Seles
d) Tracy Austin

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