Wednesday, February 14, 2007

General Trivia Answers #193-198

Answer 193: Entertainment & Food -- Scooby Doo, WHO Are You?

b) Scoobert

CBS introduced the Great Dane and his teenage friends in 1969 in response to criticisms of excessive cartoon violence.

Answer 194: History & Government -- Reunited

b) Georgia

The southeastern state was readmitted on July 15, 1870, almost five years after the war ended.

Answer 195: Math & Science -- Featured Planet

d) Venus

Ishtar Terra, located near the planet's North Pole, is the size of the continental United States.

Answer 196: Geography & Nature -- Lake Location

d) Italy

Garda, also known as Benaco, is the country's largest lake at 143 square miles.

Answer 197: Literature & Arts -- Rough Stuff

c) Mark Twain

The 1891 book began as a humorous lecture about his adventures in the West.

Answer 198: Sports & Games -- Gnip Gnop, Too?

a) Hasbro

Parker Brothers obtained the original trademark, and Hasbro later bought the company. The sport is officially called table tennis.

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