Friday, February 9, 2007

General Trivia Answers #175-180

Answer 175: Entertainment & Food -- Minor Classic

a) Resurrection

The 1894 work's lyrics prophesy, "What has perished must rise again!"

Answer 176: History & Government -- Training Grounds

c) U.K.

The railway opened on September 27, 1825.

Answer 177: Math & Science -- Elementary, My Dear

c) Humphry Davy

The subject of the first clerihew utilized the recently-invented battery to separate the elements out by electrolysis.

Answer 178: Geography & Nature -- State Officials

a) Illinois

The state even has an official mineral, fluorite.

Answer 179: Literature & Arts -- Play Doctor

a) Anton Chekhov

Besides crafting these plays, the grocer's son was also one of the best modern short story authors.

Answer 180: Sports & Games -- Funny Money

d) Ransom A. Treasure

Basil is pictured on the $1,000 bill, Cyrus on the $5,000, and Hesperia on the $10,000.

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