Thursday, February 15, 2007

General Trivia Answers #199-204

Answer 199: Entertainment & Food -- This Could Be Yummy

a) Can't

The store was originally This Can't Be Yogurt because its frozen treats competed as an ice cream substitute, but the full name is now This Country's Best Yogurt.

Answer 200: History & Government -- Perhaps a Parliament

b) Israel

The Knesset, which is Hebrew for "assembly", first met on February 14, 1949.

Answer 201: Math & Science -- SAT Logic

a) Chord

They both connect two points on the perimeter.

Answer 202: Geography & Nature -- Cheese Capital

b) Madison

It is the second most populous city in the state, behind Milwaukee.

Answer 203: Literature & Arts -- Playboy

c) Laertes

The scholar warns his sister not to fall in love with Hamlet, who later kills their father.

Answer 204: Sports & Games -- Water Hazard

a) Greg Norman

The great white shark inhabits the ocean around his native Australia.

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