Saturday, February 24, 2007

U.S. State Capitals - Random Trivia Questions

I'm going to make things easier for you this week by giving you all of the answers! The fifty U.S. state capitals are each the unique answer to exactly one of the following questions. Here are the capitals: Albany, Annapolis, Atlanta, Augusta, Austin, Baton Rouge, Bismarck, Boise, Boston, Carson City, Charleston, Cheyenne, Columbia, Columbus, Concord, Denver, Des Moines, Dover, Frankfort, Harrisburg, Hartford, Helena, Honolulu, Indianapolis, Jackson, Jefferson City, Juneau, Lansing, Lincoln, Little Rock, Madison, Montgomery, Montpelier, Nashville, Oklahoma City, Olympia, Phoenix, Pierre, Providence, Raleigh, Richmond, Sacramento, Salem, Salt Lake City, Santa Fe, Springfield, St. Paul, Tallahassee, Topeka, Trenton. Now go put them in the right order!

U.S. State Capitals Questions

Which capital...

  • Q1) ... had the first public park in the country?
  • Q2) ... had the world's first brick road?
  • Q3) ... has the world's longest stone arch bridge?
  • Q4) ... served as the capital of the United States under the Articles of Confederation from November 26, 1783 to August 19, 1784?
  • Q5) ... served the shortest time as the capital of the United States under the Articles of Confederation?
  • Q6) ... saw the only American Revolution battle fought outside of the thirteen colonies?
  • Q7) ... was the first capital of the Confederacy from February 4 to May 29, 1861?
  • Q8) ... was the capital of the Confederacy for most of the Civil War?
  • Q9) ... was the only capital in the Confederate Southeast that the Union did not occupy during the Civil War?
  • Q10) ... was the last to fly the Confederate flag atop its Capitol?
  • Q11) ... has the oldest state house whose chambers are still being used?
  • Q12) ... saw the only U.S. governor assassinated, outside its capitol building?
  • Q13) ... has three currently-standing capitol buildings?
  • Q14) ... has the only capitol building heated by geothermal energy?
  • Q15) ... has its capitol building on an isthmus?
  • Q16) ... was the first that was not located on a navigable river?
  • Q17) ... is the easternmost?
  • Q18) ... is the southernmost of the 48 contiguous states?
  • Q19) ... is the northernmost of the 48 contiguous states?
  • Q20) ... is the westernmost of the 48 contiguous states?
  • Q21) ... sits at the highest altitude?
  • Q22) ... is the largest by land area?
  • Q23) ... is the most populous?
  • Q24) ... is the least populous Metropolitan Statistical Area, as defined by the U.S. Census Bureau?
  • Q25) ... isn't even one of the ten most populous cities in its state?
  • Q26) ... has the smallest average house size?
  • Q27) ... has the highest percentage of people who rent rather than own their housing?
  • Q28) ... was the richest U.S. city and had the most millionaires per capita of any city in the world in 1888?
  • Q29) ... endured a race riot that helped spur the creation of the NAACP six months later?
  • Q30) ... was the first to be named for a U.S. president?
  • Q31) ... was named for a Biblical figure?
  • Q32) ... was renamed to honor a German chancellor?
  • Q33) ... has its full name mentioned in its state's official name?
  • Q34) ... is not its county seat?
  • Q35) ... could have been the first capital to host the Olympics in 1976 but instead became the first U.S. city to decline the honor?
  • Q36) ... was the first state capital to host the Olympics?
  • Q37) ... hosted the Winter Olympics?
  • Q38) ... has the largest non-gaming resort in the U.S.?
  • Q39) ... has the world's only roller skating museum?
  • Q40) ... opened the first state-owned art museum?
  • Q41) ... has the largest railroad museum in North America?
  • Q42) ... saw the first Wendy's Old Fashioned Hamburgers restaurant?
  • Q43) ... has no McDonald's fast food restaurants?
  • Q44) ... has no saloons or bars?
  • Q45) ... saw the invention of perforated toilet paper?
  • Q46) ... had the world's first parking meter?
  • Q47) ... has the fewest automobile accidents per capita of all capitals with at least 100,000 people?
  • Q48) ... has the shortest average commute?
  • Q49) ... has a volunteer fire department?
  • Q50) ... created the first "Yellow Pages" telephone directory when the printer ran out of white paper?

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Trivia Why's Guy said...

Correction, thanks to Jeff Noble; question #12 was originally "... has the oldest executive residence still in use?"