Monday, May 4, 2009

General Trivia Answers #3,643-3,648

Answer 3,643: Entertainment & Food -- Dreaded Drebin

b) Leslie Nielsen

The spoof series began in 1988 following a six-episode run as the television show Police Squad! in 1982.

Answer 3,644: History & Government -- Penny Pinch-Hitting

b) Steel

The zinc-plated cents were produced in significant quantities only in 1943.

Answer 3,645: Math & Science -- Moon Maximum

b) Apogee

The satellite reaches a maximum distance of 252,711 miles away, just over 31,000 miles farther than at the closest point, the perigee.

Answer 3,646: Geography & Nature -- Ten-Pound Tint

d) Orange

Five-pound notes are greenish-blue, and twenty-pound notes are light purple.

Answer 3,647: Literature & Arts -- Fair Play

c) Mourning Becomes Electra

The playwright was also honored for Beyond the Horizon in 1920.

Answer 3,648: Sports & Games -- Stunning Running

d) Valerie Brisco-Hooks

The American accomplished the double in 1984, and Perec duplicated the feat in 1996. Szewinska won the two events eight years apart.

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