Sunday, May 3, 2009

Nursery Rhymes - Random Trivia Answers

  • A1) The cheese. In the children's game, the person chosen as the cheese often begins the next round as the farmer.
  • A2) Vinegar. The liquid was supposed to "mend his head".
  • A3) Ann (or Anne or Nan). She hid under the baking pan while their home burned.
  • A4) A plum. He used his thumb to fish the fruit out of his Christmas pie.
  • A5) Grace. Wednesday's child is usually full of woe, but some versions reserve that fate for Friday's.
  • A6) Drury Lane. The London thoroughfare is home to the Theatre Royal and the New London Theatre.
  • A7) Nine days old. "Pease" is an alternate spelling of "peas". Pease porridge is also known as pease pudding or pease pottage.
  • A8) His wife. In an early version, Peter let the mice eat her.
  • A9) Sukey. Polly is a nickname for Mary, while Sukey is a nickname for Susan.
  • A10) The Queen of England. The cat went to London and frightened a mouse under her chair.
  • A11) In a rotten potato. An early 19th-century variation had the men going at a fair with three maids in the tub instead.
  • A12) A blackbird pecked off her nose. But fear not, the king's doctor sewed it back on as good as new.

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