Thursday, May 14, 2009

General Trivia Answers #3,691-3,696

Answer 3,691: Entertainment & Food -- Q Card

d) "Two of Hearts"

In September, the one-hit wonder reached #1 on the pop charts with her up-tempo "two hearts that beat as one".

Answer 3,692: History & Government -- Our Flower

d) Rose

Ronald Reagan announced, "We hold the rose dear as the symbol of life and love and devotion, of beauty and eternity."

Answer 3,693: Math & Science -- A Lot of Plot

b) Hectare

A hectare measures 11,960 square yards, while an acre is 4,840 square yards, a square rod is 30.25 square yards, and a square meter is 1.196 square yards.

Answer 3,694: Geography & Nature -- Nordic Norway

b) Oslo

Although the exact date of its founding is uncertain, the city decided to celebrate its millennium in 2000.

Answer 3,695: Literature & Arts -- Sistine City

d) Vatican City

The private chapel of the popes was built and named for Pope Sextus IV in the late 15th century.

Answer 3,696: Sports & Games -- Izzy Is or Izzy Ain't

c) 1996

The indistinct creature was not well received in Atlanta.

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