Sunday, May 3, 2009

General Trivia Questions #3,643-3,648

Question 3,643: Entertainment & Food -- Dreaded Drebin

What actor bumbled as Lieutenant Frank Drebin in The Naked Gun movies?

a) George Kennedy
b) Leslie Nielsen
c) O.J. Simpson
d) Robert Goulet

Question 3,644: History & Government -- Penny Pinch-Hitting

What main metal did the U.S. use to mint pennies during World War II when copper was needed for bullets?

a) Aluminum
b) Steel
c) Tin
d) Zinc

Question 3,645: Math & Science -- Moon Maximum

When is the moon farthest from the Earth?

a) Aphelion
b) Apogee
c) Perigee
d) Perihelion

Question 3,646: Geography & Nature -- Ten-Pound Tint

What color is a British ten-pound note?

a) Brown
b) Greenish blue
c) Light purple
d) Orange

Question 3,647: Literature & Arts -- Fair Play

For which of the following did Eugene O'Neill not win a Pulitzer Prize?

a) Anna Christie
b) Long Day's Journey into Night
c) Mourning Becomes Electra
d) Strange Interlude

Question 3,648: Sports & Games -- Stunning Running

Who was the first female runner to win both the 200 meters and 400 meters at the same Olympics?

a) Gwen Torrence
b) Irena Szewinska
c) Marie-Jose Perec
d) Valerie Brisco-Hooks

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