Friday, May 22, 2009

General Trivia Answers #3,727-3,732

Answer 3,727: Entertainment & Food -- Slight Height

a) 13½ inches

The 8½-pound statue was nicknamed by Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences librarian Margaret Herrick, who thought it resembled her uncle.

Answer 3,728: History & Government -- Checkpoint Charlie

a) Berlin, Germany

The gate was the third one that the U.S. put up at the Berlin Wall, after Alpha and Bravo at Helmstedt.

Answer 3,729: Math & Science -- Galactic Gloom

b) Neptune

Unlike the more famous Great Red Spot on Jupiter, Neptune's marking is thought to be a hole in the atmosphere rather than a giant storm.

Answer 3,730: Geography & Nature -- Skyscraper

b) Chicago

The 1,450-foot-tall Sears Tower was completed in 1973. The company was too optimistic in its growth projections and never used more than half of the building before leaving it completely by 1995.

Answer 3,731: Literature & Arts -- Rabbit Writer

d) John Updike

The summa cum laude Harvard alumnus wrote one per decade from Rabbit Run in 1960 to Rabbit at Rest in 1990.

Answer 3,732: Sports & Games -- Martial Mildness

a) Judo

One of the discipline's basic ideas is to use the opponents' momentum against themselves.

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