Wednesday, May 20, 2009

General Trivia Questions #3,721-3,726

Question 3,721: Entertainment & Food -- Certifiable Supporter

What sport is the title character of the 1996 movie The Fan crazy about?

a) Baseball
b) Basketball
c) Football
d) Hockey

Question 3,722: History & Government -- Rules of Rearrangement

Which U.S. state's governor was the term "gerrymander" named for?

a) Connecticut
b) Massachusetts
c) New Jersey
d) New York

Question 3,723: Math & Science -- Constellation Components

What constellation's components include the stars Altinak and Alnilam and the double star Mintaka?

a) Aquila
b) Cygnus
c) Orion
d) Serpens

Question 3,724: Geography & Nature -- No Mo' Togoland

What African country, named after a medieval empire, was once part of Togoland?

a) Burundi
b) Chad
c) Congo
d) Ghana

Question 3,725: Literature & Arts -- Hippie Harris

In the Doonesbury comic strip, what is Zonker Harris's given first name?

a) Edgar
b) Harvey
c) Morris
d) Spencer

Question 3,726: Sports & Games -- Schulz's Sport

What sport's Hall of Fame was cartoonist Charles Schulz inducted into?

a) Baseball
b) Golf
c) Hockey
d) Tennis

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