Monday, May 25, 2009

General Trivia Questions #3,739-3,744

Question 3,739: Entertainment & Food -- Sign Line

The music group Everything But the Girl was named for a sign in what type of store?

a) Clothing
b) Electronics
c) Furniture
d) Used records

Question 3,740: History & Government -- Brown Town

What Kansas city was the subject of the 1954 Supreme Court ruling Brown v. Board of Education?

a) Kansas City
b) Salinas
c) Topeka
d) Wichita

Question 3,741: Math & Science -- Time to Get a New Watch

In 1973, what company sold the first watch with a liquid crystal display?

a) Armitron
b) Casio
c) Seiko
d) Timex

Question 3,742: Geography & Nature -- Sea Separator

What sea separates Azerbaijan from Turkmenistan?

a) Aral Sea
b) Baltic Sea
c) Black Sea
d) Caspian Sea

Question 3,743: Literature & Arts -- Contract of Consensus

What French philosopher wrote The Social Contract, Or Principles of Political Right?

a) Comte de Saint-Simon
b) Emile Durkheim
c) Francois Voltaire
d) Jean-Jacques Rousseau

Question 3,744: Sports & Games -- Pitching Pariah

What Major League Baseball pitcher wrote the 1993 autobiography Stranger to the Game?

a) Bob Gibson
b) Don Newcombe
c) Mickey Lolich
d) Sandy Koufax

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