Monday, May 25, 2009

General Trivia Answers #3,733-3,738

Answer 3,733: Entertainment & Food -- First Film

d) Train

The Lumiere brothers impressed audiences with their Arrival of a Train at a Station.

Answer 3,734: History & Government -- Still Standing

c) Santa Fe, New Mexico

The Palace of the Governors was built in 1610.

Answer 3,735: Math & Science -- Formaldehyde Form

a) Gas

A solution with water and some methanol is usually used for preserving biological specimens.

Answer 3,736: Geography & Nature -- Busy in Belgium

a) Antwerp

The city is known for its fashion and diamond industries.

Answer 3,737: Literature & Arts -- Play the Fool

a) As You Like It

The fool Jacques repeatedly uses the expression to refer to himself in a conversation with Duke Senior.

Answer 3,738: Sports & Games -- Fatal Fault

d) Stefan Edberg

The freak tragedy occurred during the U.S. Open Junior Boys Final.

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