Monday, May 11, 2009

General Trivia Answers #3,673-3,678

Answer 3,673: Entertainment & Food -- Naming Nothing

c) Seinfeld Chronicles

Kramer was originally called Kessler, and Elaine did not appear in the pilot.

Answer 3,674: History & Government -- Kill Hill

a) Hamburger Hill

Dylan McDermott and Michael Boatman starred in a 1987 movie about the American attempt to capture the hill in 1969.

Answer 3,675: Math & Science -- Factorial Fact

c) Exclamation point (!)

A factorial is calculated recursively: 1! = 1 and n! = n x (n-1)!.

Answer 3,676: Geography & Nature -- Boot Route

b) Po River

The 400-mile river flows from west to east across the northern part of the country.

Answer 3,677: Literature & Arts -- Technology and Trickery

a) Arthur C. Clarke

The phrase appeared in The Lost Worlds of 2001, his 1972 book of Space Odyssey excisions and filming notes.

Answer 3,678: Sports & Games -- League Likeness

b) Number of downs

The AFL has nets, eight players instead of eleven, and walls surrounding the playing area.

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